The Roadmap

UN Global Compact


It is the largest action worldwide fostered by the United Nations. encouraging a more sustainable, inclusive economy, respecting human and workers rights, safeguarding the environment, fighting against corruption.

It is based on a voluntary membership and compliance to a set of principles promoting long-term sustainability values. This is an “official, formal” engagement for us whereby we want to play a role to bring the globalization process to the next level. Sustainability, international cooperation and a special care for a wide range of pursuits.

Participating to the UN Global Compact engages us to: implement, spread out and foster the universal Ten Principles that are at the core of this global action; support the Objective for a Sustainable Development; give in an annual report of all the progress we made as well as encouraging and make our partners, customers and end-users all the more aware of the need for responsible business practice.

“Our challenge today is to outline an agreement (…) on a global scale to sustain a new global economy”.

(UN Secretary-General  Kofi Annan at the “World Economic Forum, January 31, 1999, Davos).


Green, Sustainable, Inclusive Growth


“We want to develop and grow while generating prosperity for us as well as for others”

(IRINOX S.p.A. Board of Directors, 2021)

We do believe it is our responsibility to bear in consideration the concerns of our stakeholders, our employees, customers and suppliers but we also need to care for our community’s sake as well as our planet’s.

We believe IRINOX needs to provide economic value, and social and environmental value, also - in accordance with the UN Objective for Sustainable Development pursuing the ending of poverty and inclusive development. This being also aligned  with the Treaty of Paris, aiming at Climatic Neutrality by 2050 in compliance with the most advanced practice for sustainable development.

We all need to shift from the extractive economy - which we have been using up to the present time- to a regenerative, circular economy, while caring also about a number of pursuits of our stakeholders whom IRINOX is in constant contact with.


“Sustainable development is what it takes to meet the needs of current generations without jeopardizing future generations to meet theirs”.

(UN World Commission for the Environment and Development, 1987).


Our road map towards sustainability

IRINOX Sustainability Plan 2021-2023 is winding through three ESG domains: Environment, Community, Governance.



Our company is operated and managed by a governance system based on transparency, responsibility, respect. Sustainability and development in accordance with principles of prosperity are fully integrated in IRINOX ’s strategic growth.




Our company is playing its role in facing challenges by embracing sustainable consumption and production patterns aiming to reduce environmental impact thus preserving resources for future generations.




We are committed to promote the developing of the industrial area where we are located in, as well as our local community and territory, so as to help a sustainable inclusive growth.