Transparency, responsibility, respect.

We are willing to operate and mange our company through a governance system based on transparency,   responsibility, respect.

This is why we voluntarily adopted the IRINOX Code of Ethics, which outlines ethic as well as moral rules whereby anyone working in or having any kind of working relationship with us is due to meet and foster.

Such document, being delivered to all our collaborators, is even made public outside our company through all channel available.

We also willingly joined the “Corporate Governance Code”, establishing the principles of a non-listed-family-controlled governance jointly edited by Aidaf, the Bocconi University Aidaf-EY Chair and Professor Gaetano Marchetti Notary Office. Such code sets the guidelines for a highly advanced corporate governance providing for a proper balance of corporate powers and responsibilities  conferred to the internal governing bodies of the enterprise while bearing in mind the owning family’s best interests.

IRINOX adopts supervisory body and Model 231


In October 2022, the Board of Directors of IRINOX approved the organization, management and control model called Model 231.

Model 231 consists of an organic set of principles, rules and provisions regarding the management and control of each business process. Model 231 and the Code of Ethics, which is an integral part of it, are intended for members of corporate officers, management and employees, as well as all those who work to achieve the company's objectives.

We pay great attention to the implementation of the Model, particularly in terms of perfecting company procedures, training of personnel and carrying out specific control programs. 




In compliance with Legislative Act 24/ 2023 IRINOX S.p.A. has activated a platform for the reporting of offenses and violations available to employees who wish to report behaviors, acts or omissions prejudicial to the interest of the company of which they have become aware in the work context.

Within the platform, all guidance on how to properly complete the report will be provided.

It is recommended before proceeding with a report to consult the WHISTLEBLOWING POLICY.

Finally, please note that the platform is not to be used for reporting grievances or requests of various kinds, but is intended to provide employees with a tool to bring to light and possibly punish wrongdoing and violations as per Legislative Decree 24/2023.