Wonder Will

News21 March 2022
Wonder Will

The path of the PIC project - Contemporary Industrial Heritage by Aiku and coordinated by prof. Panozzo which hosted Matteo Attruia's artistic residence within the IRINOX spaces.

The experience saw the involvement of IRINOX workers and generated the evocative installation entitled "Wonder Will", aimed at enhancing a business culture that combines sensitivity to the languages ​​of art and attention to sustainability.

The work was born from the inclusion of a small, but decisive variation, of the much more well-known writing WONDER WHEEL that dominates the famous Wish Wheel (or panoramic) of Coney Island in New York.

The Wheel thus becomes Will, but also a term that leads to an immediate idea of ​​the future. Will intended as a suffix for the conjugation of the verb in the Future Simple.

Reproducing it in the same proportions as the original is a tribute that allows the appropriation of an iconography so strong as to create a doubt about the grammar of the writing itself: is it a deliberate mistake? Is it a coincidence? Does that text make sense in English? In reality the problem does not arise. The association between two words like Wonder and Will refer directly to their multiple meanings, as an image would.

The desire for a wonderful future is linked to his desire to come true, of course, but also to the effort to make it happen. It is a kind of warning, an invitation. It will only be wonderful if we try our best to make it happen.

To make the work more participatory, we decided to involve the workers of IRINOX and so each of the approximately 140 light bulbs that illuminate and compose it, is also a container of an individual will expressed with an inscription directly on the glass: a single word. No restrictions of meaning or language. In absolute freedom, each worker was asked to write it by hand. The work thus becomes, in its attempt to be observed daily, also a kind of invitation to individual action.

The identification of the exhibition space, the IRINOX production, is itself, thus, a part of the implementation project. And so it becomes a window on that will, even for just a moment during the working day. The work belongs to all those who have contributed to making it unique with their written expressions.

The words will be in the words. The wills will form a single one.

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