News19 March 2024

Irinox will once again stand by Mary's Meals in 2024, thus guaranteeing a meal and a school education for the 289 children enrolled in Mancheula Primary School, Zambia. A partnership that continues after the company in the last two years supported the 233 children attending Montserrado County in Liberia.
Mary's Meals is an international nonprofit dedicated to providing a good meal to the world's poorest children for every single day of their schooling with the goal of giving them a chance for the future and thus ensuring subsistence as well as a school education.

Irinox, for 2024, decided to direct its support to another school because in the one in Libera the children had completed their schooling. And especially not secondary is the fact that Zambia is battered by civil wars and school buildings are the first to be occupied and destroyed, and in this way there is no possibility for children to go to school except by traveling kilometers.

We are proud to be able to support Mary's Meals in these projects because there is a sharing of values and a desire to give these children a future.Because at Irinox as at Mary's Meals we believe that every child has the right to go to school and receive proper nutrition. This initiative of ours is part of the path of a Benefit Society we took in 2022 through which we want to develop and grow by generating prosperity, for ourselves and for others.