Irinox alongside Mary's Meals

News14 September 2021
Irinox alongside Mary's Meals

Mary's Meals is an international non-profit association that deals with offering a good meal to the poorest children in the world, for every single day of school. Mary's Meals works with the goal of transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of poor children around the world.

IRINOX has decided to be at the forefront against world hunger, poverty and to support the importance of school education alongside Mary's Meals Italia Onlus with the support of the New Creation World Outreach School, St. Paul River District in Montserrado County in Liberia.

Our support will guarantee a daily meal to the 233 registered children, for 12 months. It will give them the opportunity to attend school for 12 months, guaranteeing them a school education.

Why we chose Liberia:

Liberia's children suffered greatly from the brutal civil wars, which forced most of the country's children to drop out of gun schools and destroyed most of the school buildings.

Despite a decade of uninterrupted peace, Liberia still faces enormous challenges in restoring its education system. 60% of children today do not go to school.