From Intesa San Paolo 3 million euros to finance sustainable growth projects

News08 July 2021
From Intesa San Paolo 3 million euros to finance sustainable growth projects

Intesa Sanpaolo and IRINOX have finalized a financing transaction aimed at the sustainable growth of our company.

Irinox, a Treviso-based company with more than 30 years of history, specialized in the production of professional and domestic blast chillers and stainless steel electrical enclosures, has become market leaders in both sectors, defining their quality standards.

The company exports more than 50% of its production, and is active in 85 countries. It has direct commercial branches in Germany, France, the United States, Dubai and Singapore.

"The 3 million euro loan is intended to support the important investment underway on issues related to sustainability. In particular, the Company has embarked on a path to create a new growth paradigm based not only on economic profitability and financial sustainability, but also on the well-being and safety of workers, on improving the working environment, on responsibility towards employees. stakeholders and on the low environmental impact of production plants and products placed on the market”, explained Diego Rocco, CFO of Irinox.

As part of the loan signed with INTESA, demonstrating this path of "sustainable growth", IRINOX has set itself two ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) improvement objectives.

The first concerns the increase of employee sensitivity on social and environmental sustainability issues, introducing training programs aimed at promoting good practices both in the workplace and at home. The second concerns the increase in the use of energy from renewable sources, introducing a procurement policy that leads Irinox to supply itself entirely from renewable energy sources.

Irinox and sustainability projects.

For Intesa Sanpaolo it is essential to promote the development of a sustainable economy, favoring the development of this culture in particular in SMEs, recognizing the importance of the investments that are framed in the three guiding criteria, called ESG. With this in mind, a new medium / long-term financing instrument called s-Loan was launched specifically designed to accompany the efforts of companies in the direction of greater sustainability from an environmental, social and corporate governance point of view, enhancing dedicated investments. thanks also to the identification of shared ESG performance indicators.

S-Loan supports the medium / long-term needs of SMEs, with dedicated facilitated conditions, thanks to the rate reductions that will be recognized upon achievement of the improvement objectives in the ESG field. For each year in which the commitment is respected, a discount will be granted on the loan in order to reward the results achieved. S-Loan is a loan that rewards virtuous behavior in the field of sustainability.

“We applaud Intesa San Paolo for this tool to support the ecological transition and our growth. We believe it is essential for any company to integrate sustainability into its business, rethinking the strategy and operational processes also in green terms. This is a radical historical change, but essential to achieve the goal of climate neutrality with zero emissions in 2050 and fair and sustainable well-being. We believe that producing not only economic but also social and environmental value is the best way to face the future.

Digitization and sustainability are the fil rouge of Irinox's industrial plan underway; these actions will allow our company not only to be more resilient but also to have a significant impact on the prosperity of our community and the planet”, said Katia Da Ros, Vice President of Irinox.