What do we believe in?

We asked ourselves about it and we reflected together through dedicated meetings that went to define the following values we feel and live within the company.


We encourage mutual respect without prejudice, and promote the appreciation of the individual, acknowledging each individual's role and their differences, whilst being open and curious to different ways of thinking. We cultivate a shared and widespread 'feel good' atmosphere that safeguards the personal and professional dignity of colleagues, clients and suppliers.


We work to cultivate a sense of belonging, renouncing individualistic points of view and sharing accountability for the end result and celebrating victories together. We foster mutual trust and passion in working together, seeking to align personal objectives with the company's with energy and generosity.



We are empathetic and open to feedback in order to understand and be able to anticipate others' needs and expectations, even when these are not explicitly conveyed. We encourage the creativity and innovation of distinctive products and services.


A positive approach to the new and different, confronting every change methodically and with determination. A constant quest for solutions that create added value, competitive edge and new opportunities. We learn from our own and others' experiences, rising to the challenge with resilience as we see every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow.


We cultivate an environment in which everyone feels free to realise their potential, with equal opportunities and without marginalisation. We believe in rewarding and giving credit on the basis of the results achieved, the potential realised and the type of conduct followed.