Even chefs do cook when they come home.

The new Fresco household blast chiller is a compact appliance (measurements are similar to those of a microwave oven) that includes 9 functions for healthy cooking and preservation. With Irinox Fresco food is cooked gently, even several days in advance to create a stock of fresh dishes ready to be enjoyed at any time.

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9 hot and cold functions make sure everything is always fresh:

  • Blast chilling
    Chills hot food rapidly, stops bacterial proliferation and ensures freshness and fragrance for 5-7 days.
    It quickly takes cooking temperature to +3°C at the core and then automatically preserves food as if in an ordinary positive refrigerator.

  • Shock freezing
    The quicker freezing takes place, the better food quality is preserved. When dishes are thawed they will be as fresh, tasty and substantial as if they had never been in the freezer. It rapidly takes food from cooking or ambient temperature to -18°C at the core, so that it can be kept as if in an ordinary freezer.

  • Controlled thawing
    This function thaws food more quickly and uniformly and avoids partial cooking, maintaining natural moisture and fragrance intact. Fresco can be used to programme rapid controlled thawing so that the product is thawed, kept at + 3°C and ready to use when you want.

  • Gentle shock freezing
    This cycle consists of two phases: a blast chilling phase and a shock freezing phase. In the first phase you decrease food temperature to +3°C at the core with chamber temperature of approx. -1°C. In the second phase core temperature drops to -18°C with chamber temperature as low as -35°C. Very hot food with temperatures up to 90°C can be placed in the appliance: this is a perfect way to freeze all types of cooked food, including particularly delicate foods like leavened or baked products.


  • Drinks and wine cooling
    Wine and drinks are taken from ambient temperature to the right serving temperature, losing 1°C per minute. You no longer need to cram the fridge with drinks, and you will always be ready should unexpected guests arrive.

  • Slow, low-temperature cooking
    The secret of many chefs! This type of cooking, which never exceeds 75°C, cooks meat and fish gently, exalting their flavour and preserving all their natural moisture, consistency and nutrients. Fresco can be used to programme cooking, preceded by thawing or holding at +3°C. The product will be cooked and ready to serve at the exact set time, even if you are not at home.

  • Natural proofing
    Maintains the perfect proofing temperature constant for bread, pizza and brioches so that the yeast fermentation cycle is completed in ideal conditions and dough is much more easily digested. Fresco can be used to programme thawing for croissants, ready for baking after perfect proofing at controlled temperature and humidity.

  • Customized storage
    Find out how you can store a particular product at a temperature between -20°C and 65°C for up to 48 hours.

  • Ready meal - regeneration
    Provides the convenience of programming regeneration even for the next day. Fresco keeps the product at +3°C (or thaws and holds at +3°C) and then automatically regenerates to a serving temperature of +65°C.
    This cycle is used to keep a constant temperature of 60/65°C throughout serving time, and to keep dishes warm after regeneration. The delicate warmth of Fresco does not dry the food and maintains all its initial quality.
    Confectioners can use Fresco to melt chocolate and keep it liquid, ready for use.

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