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IRINOX Professional

IRINOX PROFESSIONAL is known all over the world as the leading manufacturer of blast chillers and shock freezers, holding cabinets and retarder proofers. It offers professionals cutting-edge equipment to keep food fresh and optimise production processes, guaranteeing their customers an enjoyable, high-quality eating experience.

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MultiFresh® Next | High power without polluting

MultiFresh® Next is the most powerful and efficient blast chiller on the market. IRINOX branded products represent revolutionary technology, guaranteeing unprecedented levels of customization, sustainability, power and innovation.

MultiFresh® Next features up to 12 functions and 150 different cycles. IRINOX blast chillers can be customised based on your needs to keep products fresher for longer.

MultiFresh® Next is the first blast chiller with R-290 natural refrigerant (propane gas). R-290 has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 0,02, thousand times lower than other refrigerant gases.

In addition to reduced emissions, propane guarantees excellent performance: in fact, our propane blast chiller is up to 25% faster on a freezing cycle, for unbeatable results.



CP Next | The quality of Irinox storage

This is an environmental step up in the quality of temperature holding for the storage module from Irinox, who has been in the business of pastry-making and ice-cream making for over 20 years.

In a compact version, Cp Next boasts all the technical and functional performance levels that professionals could ever desire, allowing them to set and maintain constant temperatures and manage humidity levels best suited to the stored products, while evenly and gently moving
ventilation across all the trays without drying the food out.

Quite the opposite, it all contributes to preserving nutritional properties, fragrance, colour and texture.

The usual safety levels, but lower consumption rates.


MultiFresh® MyA | More than Fresh


MultiFresh® MyA is the first machine in the world that can run operating cycles with temperatures of +85°C to -40°C.

By pressing a button you can blast chill, shock freeze, proof, thaw, regenerate, pasteurize and cook at low temperature.

All functions have been carefully tested in cooperation with the most prestigious professionals, chefs, confectioners, ice cream makers and bakers.

For each type of food and each production process we have established the right temperature, the best ventilation and the ideal degree of humidity to ensure perfect quality.



EasyFresh® Next | Simplicity, high-performance and design excellence


The EasyFresh® Next blast chiller rapidly chills and freezes foods. No instructions needed: the blast chiller is intuitive and quick to programme.

The EasyFresh® Next blast chiller speeds up chilling processes, increasing productivity.

The speed of cycles allows better organisation of production in the kitchen, optimising management of personnel and preparation of dishes.