Cooking is art, passion, joie de vivre.


A line of equipment dedicated to quality household chilling stems from a culture of perfect preservation which Irinox has been promoting for many years throughout the world. Equipment with innovative functions and refined design provides technology used by professionals to offer the best of industrial kitchens in the home, so food is once again delicious, healthy and nutritious. This collection of products serves your daily wellbeing and features elegant rigorous design so that the appliances necessary for a new concept of cooking fit perfectly into your home.

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Freddy® | Freshness becomes a way of life

Freddy® is the first blast chiller made for home use, with essential design that’s appealing in any kitchen. Freddy® is the only domestic appliance that enables blast chilling of food straight after cooking, quickly and carefully freezing and thawing food, cooking meat and fish at low temperature, proofing bread, pizza and focaccia, holding food at the ideal temperature, and provides meals that are hot and ready to serve as well as chilling wine and other drinks.

Freddy® is made entirely from stainless steel, and is equipped with a probe that monitors food core temperature and an intuitive, easy-to-use soft touch control panel.

Freddy® is a dream come true of our very own time machine. It’s an instrument with which to lock the succulence into food at just the right moment and keep it intact over time.

Flavour, vitamins, colour and consistency can overcome space and time so that they are always at their best.



Fresco® Élite | Magic, swift food chilling

You’re sure to fall in love at first sight with its exclusive design, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll never again want to do without it in the kitchen.

Fresco® Élite is the only household appliance that can triple the shelf life of fresh or cooked food, inspiring you to unleash your culinary potential and create flavours never tasted before.

If you are looking to cook and store your dishes like a pro, bake your favourite salmon fillet at low temperature or simply eliminate Anisakis from fresh fish tartare, Fresco® Élite is what you need.

With Fresco® Élite you will finally be able to enjoy the delicious taste of freshly picked summer strawberries in the midst of winter, and bring out of the fridge vegetables cooked five days before, still bursting with flavour and colour.


Fresco® | Freshly made

Fresco® is the multi-function domestic blast chiller: it combines rapid cold with slow heat, offering 9 innovative functions. Designed for the home, for those who are attentive to healthy eating and cultivate the pleasure of cooking for themselves and for others.

Fresco® gives you the possibility to totally eliminate food waste, because you have more time to consume what is prepared. You can make healthy and natural frozen products directly at home, avoiding the purchase of industrial frozen foods for which you have no control over the raw material or the production process.

It gives you the opportunity to save on everyday shopping, thanks to prudent purchases. You can prepare lunches and dinners with calm and tranquility, even well in advance.



Other products of the Irinox Home Collection

Zero | Attractive on the outside, fresh on the inside

Zero is the first built-in professional-standard vacuum sealer that can reach a vacuum close to absolute zero, which truly slows down the ageing and oxidation of food. This is a superior quality, absolutely natural process that is extremely effective in keeping the properties of food intact longer, without compromising nutrients.


Wave Hot & Cold | Microfiltered water, from the first to the last drop.

Wave is a domestic water dispenser that connects directly to your home's mains to provide instant premium microfiltered water, chilled, sparkling, room temperature or hot.

Using an advanced filtration system that removes up to 99% of contaminants and odourless.


Vinoteca | Style is a matter of details.

Vinoteca is the single or double temperature, free-standing or built-in wine cabinet by Irinox for holding every type of wine at the ideal temperature. The electronic display constantly shows the actual temperature so that it can be finely controlled.

The toughened glass door is UV treated to protect the bottles from light while they are on view. The elegant concealed handle makes the cabinet easy to match with any appliance in the kitchen.