Corporate governance



IRINOX has willfully embraced CODIF, a Corporate Governance for Familiy-Controlled-Non-Listed-Companies.

Codif is a set of principles and guidelines for a highly advanced corporate governance providing  a proper balance of corporate powers and responsibilities conferred to the company’s governing bodies. Codif has been fostered and encouraged by AIDAF (the Italian Association of Family-Owned Companies), by the Bocconi University AIDAF-EY Chair and by Professor Piergaetano Marchetti’s Notary Office.

A well-functioning corporate governance in family-controlled companies needs to achieve two main objectives:

  • The ability of the owning family to clearly envision the company or their corporate group’s future.
  • The chance for the management (either family or non-family run) to make that vision real using the best resources available out there.