Code of ethics

irinox codice etico

Action based on value


Since 2016, IRINOX intentionally embraced the Code of Ethics: it is a formal statement outlining ethical and moral rules which everyone who’s working in or having any kind of working relationship with the company, is bound to respect and foster.

Such document (Code of Ethics) is being given to all our collaborators and made public through all channels available.

The Code of Ethics is a formal, official document by IRINOX; it has been approved by the Board of Directors and delivers ethical engagements and responsibilities in leading all corporate activity and business; as such, it needs to be formally embraced by all the directors, employees and collaborators of the company.

It also conveys the set of values which the company acknowledges, shares and fosters, being aware that everyone’s behaviour is a significant driving force of economic and social development.

Behaviors and relationships, at all corporate levels, need to be based on lawfulness, honesty, fair play, transparency, integrity and mutual respect.

Today, more than ever before, it has become crucial to affirm one’s ethics’ vision, to clearly deliver one’s principles, set of values and joint responsibilities. These principles are those steering the way we engage in market's and especially in customer’s relationships, in the community where we are living and working, with all the people working with us and with all other parties we are interacting with.


Customers relationship

IRINOX is a customer-satisfacion-oriented company. We shape our style of conduct around being available, listening to and respect our customers to ensure top quality products and service.

Suppliers and partners relationship


IRINOX knows that suppliers and outside partners are very important, as they are contributors to the fulfillment of the company’s achievements through their know-how. Suppliers’ Xion as well as the terms of purchase of goods and service for IRINOX need to be carried out in a transparent way; they also need to be competitive, objective, be fair,  have a fair price and top quality, offer guarantee, thus meeting all the company’s objective criteria to create corporate value.

Any sort of pressure being practiced in Xing our suppliers  is strictly rejected and reported to one’s immediate superior.

No employee of whatsoever role and level can get personal direct or indirect benefits from a supplier, not even through a third party.

All tasks outsourced need the be and are being put in written form, specifying tasks and fees.


Employees relationship

IRINOX is committed to spreading and consolidating a culture of safety, promoting responsible behavior and developing awareness of risks. It also undertakes to monitor, manage and prevent risk situations related to the performance of the professional activity and to preserve, with preventive actions, the health and safety of its collaborators.