Ideas, people, great passion and commitment.
That's how the Irinox story began.

in three words


Over the years Irinox has specialized in the production of electrical enclosures and blast chillers, becoming market leader in both fields and a benchmark for quality in all its products.


A constant effort to meet the continuously changing demands of the market has led Irinox to innovate its range of products, making us a reference point for technological innovation.


Our ability to anticipate the future needs of the market, together with the business vision of our founding partners, has stimulated Irinox to promote new concepts, products and work methods. These have made it possible to introduce the world to the concepts of rapid food chilling and freshness and re-think the way of finding solutions for the design and manufacture of bespoke electrical enclosures.

Irinox S.p.A.
Irinox values

A passion for excellence

We believe in quality and doing things well as a sign of respect for our customers and partners. We believe in continuous improvement to satisfy our target market and go beyond its expectations.


Each person has a role, which they carry out responsibly by providing solutions and making decisions wisely and promptly.

Transparency and Respect

Everyone has the right and duty to speak out with mutual respect and acknowledging differences of opinion, with the aim of proposing ideas that will contribute to the achievement of our corporate purpose.


We pursue our aims honestly and responsibly, observing the law and respecting people, aware that the way we achieve our aims is also important.

Team spirit

We are aware of the value of working together to achieve important goals.

Historyover 20 years of success, innovation and moments that have distinguished cultural and technological progress.

A company founded by entrepreneurs with an idea, a pioneering vision and a natural leaning for meeting the needs of a continuously evolving market have made Irinox a leading manufacturer of top quality blast chillers and food preservation systems for home and professional use, as well as stainless steel electrical enclosures.

The group has progressed constantly and achieved important results:

  • over 45,000 successful installations throughout the worl
  • a staff of more than 160 qualified people contribute daily to our success
  • 1 production facility on a total of 15,000 m2 in the province of Treviso, Italy.

1989Irinox is founded at Corbanese (Treviso, Italy) as a company specializing in the production of blast chillers, shock freezers and electrical enclosures.


1990The first blast chiller to be sold in Italy.


1994A new facility is opened at Conegliano Veneto (Treviso, Italy) where the production of electrical enclosures is transferred.


1995Presentation of the first Irinox holding cabinet: CP


1996Launch of the HC line of blast chillers, which introduces a new technology known as Hard and Soft Chilling.


2001Launch of the new Logik Chill series of blast chillers. For the first time blast chillers are provided with cycles customized for a given product.
A new production facility is opened (9000m2) at Conegliano (Treviso).

Irinox becomes a joint stock company.


2005 Freddy, Zero, Wave and Divino introduce the “Irinox Home Collection”, household appliances based on professional equipment. Blast chillers enter the home for the first time.

Irinox USA is founded.


2008Presentation of the new EKO enclosure.

A new professional positive, negative and chocolate holding cabinet is developed: CP Multi.


2009Blast chillers become multi-functional; not just chilling and freezing cycles, but also proofing, thawing and low temperature cooking cycles: it's the new MultiFresh.


2011With the introduction of Fresco household blast chillers become even more compact and can be positioned anywhere. The range of Irinox holding cabinets is extended by the addition of the N'ice compact holding cabinet.


2012Presentation of new AZ modular cabinets.


2013Presentation of a new Hygienic line of electrical enclosures, featuring linear design with easily cleaned inserts. The MultiFresh blast chiller is modernised by the addition of MyA touch electronics.


Irinox Professional

Over the years Irinox has received numerous awards for the innovative features of its industrial blast chillers and shock freezers, confirming its leading position in the blast chilling, shock freezing and high-quality food preservation segments.

  • 2000: Gold medal awarded by the Italian Master Pastry Chefs Academy for Irinox’s advanced blast chilling/shock freezing technology applied to food conservation

  • 2001: F.I.C. Certificate of merit awarded by the Italian Chefs Association for Irinox’s valuable commitment to preserving and enhancing the profession, the role of the Italian Chefs Association and Italy’s millenary culinary tradition

  • 2008 XXI Compasso d’Oro Award special mention for Freddy

  • 2009: Kitchen Innovation Award for Cp Multi, Chicago (USA)

  • 2009: Gold medal and certificate of merit by the Italian Pastry Chefs Academy for Irinox’s leading international role and ongoing commitment to technological research and innovation and for using blast chilling/shock freezing technology for food conservation

  • 2010: Kitchen Innovation Award for MultiFresh, Chicago USA

  • 2010: International Forum Product Design Award (IF) in the “Kitchen – Household” category for Freddy®, the innovative blast chiller for home use designed by Decoma Design

  • 2012: Gold medaland certificate of merit by the Italian Pastry Chefs Academy for Irinox’s ongoing scientific research applied to blast chilling/shock freezing technology, technological development of the MultiFresh blast chiller, for food conservation and sanitisation in the pastry industry and for contributing to preserving the genuineness and good quality of desserts

  • 2013: Top Pick for Freddy and Zero, Architectural Digest Home Design Show, New York (USA)

  • 2015: Honourable mention for FRESCO. First edition of ADI Compasso d'Oro International design Award. Each edition will have a different theme: the first is "Design for Food and Nutrition".

Certificationoperating in over 80 countries, Irinox is committed to observing the strictest international production standards. For this reason Irinox entrusts qualified accredited bodies with the task of certifying its corporate processes.

Management considers quality and environmental friendliness, prevention of pollution, protection of workers’ health and safety, compliance with the law and continuous improvement a mission and a heritage at the disposal of all the company’s employees in dealing with any critical situation that may compromise customers’ and workers’ satisfaction.


Certificazione ISO 9001 Certificazione ISO 14001

Integrated management system policy

Product certifications are shown in detail on the website of each individual Business Unit.


Irinox believes in an innovative development project that allows the company to progress while safeguarding opportunities for future generations to meet their needs. For this reason we have always sought to find production solutions with low environmental impact that ensure significant energy savings.

Clean energy

A photovoltaic energy installation allows Irinox to generate up to approximately 750 Kwh of "green energy"! Over 70% of this is used directly by our production facilities (13,000 m2), guaranteeing annual production of 954422 kW of energy and eliminating emissions into the atmosphere of 353 tonnes of CO2.

Supplier selection

Before being approved all our suppliers must prove that they can provide suitable guarantees of quality and sustainability.
Suppliers are therefore selected by testing the performance and declared sustainability of every single component and machine.

Inter-company nursery

Irinox is a member of the Prealpi Trevigiane INTER-COMPANY CONSORTIUM (CONSORZIO INTERAZIENDALE delle Prealpi Trevigiane) which has set up and now runs AQUILONE, an inter-company nursery that provides our employees with a modern nursery for their children from the age of 3 months to 3 years.
The 346 m2 structure in load-bearing crossfibre plywood panels ensures maximum comfort and wellbeing in terms of thermal insulation. The furniture is bioecological in certified pollutant-free birch plywood painted with natural, non-toxic products.

Inter-company nursery

Research and Developmentapplied research and technological innovation are the basic principles that guide Irinox.

Product quality can be guaranteed only through careful planning and precise manufacture.

Studies and research into new design and manufacturing are the secret of our progress. The quality of Irinox products is controlled by the world's most important certifying bodies (UL, NF, VISION 2000).

A well-equipped laboratory used for thorough research and testing in extreme conditions guarantees perfect operation of Irinox equipment and installations throughout the world.